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NHS My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream

Client: NHS
Launch date: 12/04/2013

We worked in partnership with the NHS Salisbury Foundation Trust to rebrand and commercialise a sunflower oil based moisturiser developed by Salisbury District Hospital. This product has been used internally at the Hospital for over 20 years and they came to us for help as to how they could...

University of Bristol Touchtable

Client: University of Bristol
Launch date: 14/02/2013

We conceptualised, design, delivered and developed a worldwide touchtable installation for the University of Bristol to help user better understand old fashioned animation techniques and processes. The touchtable is a multi-touch multi-user application written in HTML5 to better allow it's...

BBC Things To Do - Knowledge and Learning Widgets

Client: BBC
Launch date: 18/10/2012

Two implementations: BBC History BBC Science Look to the right of the main section of the featured web address to see the BBC Things To Do widget integrated on the right hand column. BBC Things To Do is an activity finder enabling users to discover local activities offered by the BBC and its...

World University Rankings

Client: TSL
Launch date: 03/10/2012

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings powered by Thomson Reuters are the only global university performance tables to judge world class universities across all of their core missions - teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. The top universities rankings...

PRC Direct

Client: PRC Direct
Launch date: 01/10/2012

PRC Direct are an electrical retailer who specialise in home entertainment and audio equipment. The website has been intergrated with a stock control API which allows the sales team to keep product listings synchronised with their internal stock control systems through scheduled and real time...

One Potato iPad parallax website

Client: One Potato
Launch date: 07/09/2012

The iPad parallax problems solved here use HTML5 touch-scroll technology developed in-house at Aerian Studios. This is a world first for smooth parallax on an iPad which can be scrolled with touch gestures. The smoothness of the parallax is thanks to our application of hardware accelerated...

BBC Things To Do Mobile Walks

Client: BBC
Launch date: 03/09/2012

The BBC needed a mobile-only, content-managed HTML5 site to provide virtual guided tours around parts of Britain. For example, there is a walk exploring the impact of World War II on London, and also a Doctor Who walk around Cardiff, taking people around locations used in the TV series. Having...

BBC Films website design, development and search engine optimisation

Client: BBC
Launch date: 30/08/2012

BBC Films is one of the most respected feature film brands, entertaining millions of film lovers and giving British talent the exposure they deserve on a worldwide stage. Our first remit was to help a film focused team to create an online strategy mapped against quantifiable user analytics, best...

TES iboard product development and website

Client: TES
Launch date: 14/08/2012

The Times Educational Supplement wanted to monetise the existing, highly popular iboard website which provided hundreds of free games for primary teachers, parents and children alike. We worked closely with teachers and internal staff to detail site features, interaction, educational resources,...

Heart n Soul Website Design & Development

Client: Heart n Soul
Launch date: 10/08/2012

Heart n Soul is a leading creative arts company with learning disability culture at heart. Their work is about art, training and taking part with diverse artists and participants working together towards a goal of making a more creative, fun and open world. Aerian Studios we tasked with...

Womad Memory Twist Interactive HTML5 app

Client: WOMAD
Launch date: 04/08/2012

Aerian Studios collaborated with Richard White of Creative Wiltshire to develop an iPad app for WOMAD festival (World of Music, Arts and Dance). This interactive visualisation of 30 years of memories and images from the UK WOMAD festivals was made up of memories collected from the internet, images...

Jeff Wayne Music Website Design & Development

Client: Jeff Wayne Music
Launch date: 01/08/2012

Jeff Wayne Music is a totally independent multimedia music company; an industry leader with a strong reputation for delivery. Aerian Studios were approached to refresh the Jeff Wayne Music brand and website giving it a modern, high impact design unique and different from many other portfolio...

London 2012 Mobile Accessible BBC Olympic Feeds

Client: BBC
Launch date: 30/07/2012

BBC Media Action (formerly The BBC World Service) approached Aerian Studios when they wanted to provide a mobile accessible version of their live Olympic feeds. We built a module using javascript and server side includes which could consume some live BBC feeds from the Olympics and convert...

BBC Things To Do Partner Admin

Client: BBC
Launch date: 24/07/2012

The Things To Do Activitymaker Partner Admin application is the interface which enables partners to get their activities promoted across Things To Do and the BBC. This phase of development saw Aerian Studios complete re-fit the interface with a new GVL3 design and arrange of exciting new features...

HBH Woolacotts User Experience Improvements

Client: HBH Woolacotts
Launch date: 17/07/2012

HBH Woolacotts went live with an Aerian Studios designed and built website back in 2011. Not ones to stand still, the team at Woolacotts wanted to keep momentum up and ensure they offered the same outstanding customer service through their website as they do face-to-face in their stores. They...

Not Business As Usual - website design & development

Client: Not Business As Usual
Launch date: 15/07/2012

notbusinessasusual Ltd – needed a website that was not business as usual.This Firm set us the challenge of presenting something that you don’t see every day but within the scope of a corporate website.  The Firm offers assistance to CEOs and Business Owners in a way that was out of...