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BBC Things To Do - archery, canoeing, visits, walks and exploring

Things To Do

Things To Do on a computer Things To Do on iPhone

Things To Do remains one of the BBC’s proudest moments, and is one of four ‘protected projects’, encompassing events and activities from 2012 Olympics, The National Trust, Culture 24 and over 2,000 partners with 22,000 live activities - representing one of the largest scale public sector collaborations in UK history.

The project also saw the creation of the BBC’s first responsive website that then went on to spawn the BBC News and BBC Sport websites and Apps.

Additionally, our content management systems’ innovative method of controlling incoming API feeds and content through flagpolling, scoring and live updates allows live updating of content by BBC and it’s partners.

The Money Advice Service

2013/2014 Mobile Strategy

money advice service app on iphones

As part of our wider campaign with the Money Advice Service, we conducted industry research and psychographic analysis of purchasing habits, persuasion paths and behavioural change.

We matched this industry analysis against consumer buying, browsing, device and app usage patterns to identify and create an ongoing strategy for MAS to help millions of UK citizens manage their money better and save for tomorrow.

The strategy encompassed key outcomes for MAS’ banking and industry partnership programs, branding, syndication, audience behavioural change, persona development and psychographic persuasion models.

University of Bristol touchtable app

Touchtable / App

touchtable app on iPad

Focusing on bringing early animation experiences back to cinema and museum visitors, we produced an experience that would truly imitate the actions antique optical devices such as the Zoetrope, Kinora and Phenakistoscope - all considered to be innovative for that era.

To engage with audiences, we developed an application that is as fun as it is immersive, allowing users to create their own on screen animations.

We developed the touchtable and App that brought these wonderful devices and images to life, with a ground breaking 21st century spin that is currently touring the world and wowing users of all ages.

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We create and support the world’s best products and clients through rock solid project management and industry leading experts at every level.

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We design and build websites using the latest HTML5 and the latest in progressive enhancements to deliver the best audience led experiences, no matter the device.

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Our campaigns combine the creativity and imagination you would expect from advertising experts, with the architecture and proven results of scientists - that's why they've always delivered success.

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We build ground breaking native and HTML5 apps for IOS, Android and Windows - delivered with rock solid results either as a standalone product or as part of a wider campaign.

Systems and web technology


Our systems power some of the largest companies and organisations in the world, delivering business critical content, stock and documents.

Strategies for business centred around the web


Our industry leading experts work with you to deliver proven results focused, roadmaps and strategies that propel your business forward.

Innovation in thought and action


We're blessed with award winning innovators and creative thinkers that have seen us deliver world first technology and interactives time and time again.

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