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Case Study

A fun & interactive tariff comparison tool.

This project was created to allow users to compare available tariffs using a fun and interactive tool that we designed and created. As key UX and Visual Designers on the project we oversaw the whole design process.

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The Challenge

Tesco Mobile had very ambitious goals for the MatchMaker project. To meet these goals, the UX needed to be perfect and meet the very tight turn around times.


Tight deadlines required meticulous planning

We worked face-to-face with the Tesco Mobile team in their Slough offices. We had daily conference calls, and regularly sprint planning, to monitor progress of all parties involved to unpick and blockers and aid a single vision of what success would look like.


Stretching the edges of the brands

Of course we needed to conform to the Tesco Mobile brand guidelines, but we also had to find our own space, our own brand. We needed users to feel the process would be fun, and actually helpful and rewarding for them. We worked hard, particularly with animation and transitions, to inject some competitive edges and wow factor.


Complex user journeys to consider and test

The selection process is highly complex, requiring selection of various mobile phone, SIM tariffs and data plans, all planned and fed back on the fly.

The Solution

Development of overall design strategy and individual tool elements that remained “on-brand” while creating a fun, sharable tool theme.


Test test and test some more

We tested all our solutions with real users (both Tesco Mobile customers, and not) under lab conditions. We were on hand, responding to feedback live with our UX teams, enabling the most rapid or rapid prototyping, shaving weeks off the project timeline.


We added more than just design acumen

We aren't just designer with any project. And MatchMaker was no different. We made strategic suggestions about possible big data uses of the data, and how the information gathered could help change the face of Tesco Mobile's contract creation.


On hand troubleshooting and consultancy

Unusually, we weren't responsible for the build of this project, but we tried were possible to treat it like an internal project, making ourselves available to the build team - fine tuning design details and supplying interaction advice throughout the build process.

The Result

Successful delivery of highly complex interactive prototypes for user testing sessions.


It looks wonderful

The project was successfully delivered and passed all internal reviews. But more than that, it looks great. When placed against the challenges and timeline, the project stands out as one of the polished of Tesco Mobile interactives.


The perfect handover

It's such an under-appreciated part of a project, so we work incredibly hard to create human-readable handover docs, interaction guides, code snippets, styleguide, usage patterns and documentation to help whoever builds our designs get it spot on, first time.


The start of a great relationship

Following our successful delivery, we've gone on to iterate on MatchMaker, and also deliver Tesco Mobile's Help and Support interactive service. But it all started here, from the effort and commitment we showed on MatchMaker.

Our Match Maker project had a tight deadline and needed a comprehensive set of user journeys and designs ready for user testing. As always, Aerian stepped up to the plate and delivered the perfect solution, accommodating our ever evolving brief with the “can do” attitude we have come to expect! Great work Aerian, it has been a pleasure working with you all again!
Manish Shah Project manager | Tesco Mobile

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