A charity helping to encourage and lift
African families out of poverty

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Case Study

Changing the perception of 
Send a Cow to increase engagement & donations

Send a Cow help families to grow their own food, confidence and aspirations throughout Africa. With the help of its volunteers and hardworking team, to date over 200 million people have been helped by Send a Cow… and we want to help them keep doing what they do!

Send a Cow were looking for a digital partner to redesign and build their website. They wanted the site to more accurately reflect the with the aim of maximising its role in raising the profile and changing perception of the charity’s mission

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The Challenge

Being a local charity to Aerian, we wanted to help raise the online profile and visibility of Send a Cow.

Challenge 1

A site that had grown beyond its original intentions

Created as a point of contact for the charity, the Send a Cow website had far out-grown its original intentions. 

New features were being built on ad-hoc resulting in a range of page templates and layouts causing  inconsistant user journeys and loss of potential conversions (Donations, Gift sales etc). 

This also resulted in external dependencies every time Send a Cow required an update to the site or small tweak… causing extra and unexpected expenditure on a regular basis.

Challenge 2

A cost effective solution to maximise impact

Because this project was for a local charity we wanted to ensure any solution we suggested offered the best possible value for money.

We wanted to ensure a future proof solution that was easily managed and maintained by the Send a Cow team (no matter what technical ability, location or connection speed). 

We also wanted to protect the future of the site by selecting a CMS / hosting solution that was widely supported and easily adopted by any organisation. 

Challenge 3

Effective signposting to maximise conversions

As with any charity, donations, fund raisers and volunteers are key to all of its operations. We needed to ensure that these features were strategically placed and easily accessable through out the website. 

Striking a balance between asking politely for donations but not to the point where it becomes intrusive and counteractive to the core user journey.

The Solution

The complete overhaul of its predecessor… improving design, performance, scalability and of course overall visitor satisfaction levels.

Solution 1

A widely known and easily managed CMS system

The new Send a Cow website was built using the WordPress CMS / framework. Although a custom build on the wordpress framework, the new site brings all the benefits that come with being a WordPress build. Wordpress is supported by a thriving and engaged community which reduces the dependency on external agency to perform updates to the website. 

Using WordPress also helps future proof the site by including simple tools and resources to easily completely update the look and feel of the website.

Solution 2

UX to bring Send a Cow up to date

To make the Send a Cow website really stand out from the crowd we wanted to include small enhancements that take it from a nice experience to a slick site that people would want to share.

Headers feature scroll activated transitions, navigation menus include subtle stacking animations even the search facility had an overhaul and is now presented in a slick screen takeover box.

Solution 3

Design review to ensure content placement for maximum exposure

Using our experience working on various charitable projects we were able to review the donation process & maximise its conversions.  

This was done by ensuring that making a donation was an easy and friendly process. We Looked at what it did well, but also the areas where users seemed to struggle and so could make informed decissions on how the new donations journey would flow. 

The Result

A new and improved digital visitor guide that lets visitors experience history on a whole new level!

Results 1

Successful delivery… on time and under budget!

With an Agile approach to the project, we were able to deliver key milestones of functionality over 2 week sprints. This resulted in complete transparency in all areas of the project to everyone involved  and so enabled smart decisions on focus areas and MVP goals.

We have now launched the new Send a Cow website and are happy to say that budget still remains for future enhancements and features!

Results 2

Complete control

Because the website is built using the WordPress framework, send a cow no longer have a dependency on external agencies to make updates.

In addition to this, the out of the box nature of the WordPress CMS (even with our custom built components) the process for updating any content of the site was already heavily optimised. As a result, Send a Cow now have the flexibility of updating the website from any device, in any location. 

Result 3

Send a Cow love it just as much as us!

Send a Cow have already said how much they love their new website and all the new functionality and control they have over it! 

We look forward to continuing our work with Send a Cow and have a heap of updates and enhancements planned over the next year, so keep an eye out and why not go and make a donation while you are at it! www.sendacow.org

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