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Case Study

A much needed time-saving digital solution for carers

Providing help and support since 2001, the NHS Devon Partnership approached Aerian to analyse existing systems and tools to highlight areas that can be improved, turning multiple time-consuming tasks into a simple process for both staff and patients.

The Challenge

Creating and integrating a new system within an already established workflow

NHS-Challenge 1

An old sytem that had grown beyond original intentions

The needs of the users had out grown the existing software solution with ad-hoc features being implemented.
This resulted in a maze of features, where users would become confused and vital information would could be stored in the wrong location with no easy way to recover it.

NHS-Challenge 2

An mass of information accumulated over the years

The new system would be replacing software that served a massive amount of purposes for a huge variety of user types and roles.

Designs would need simplify the whole process drastically and breakdown each individual task/purpose to ensure it delivers everything the users need and expect.

NHS-Challenge 3

Getting time and feedback from very busy users

With the jobs of our target users naturally being very time demanding, user engagement and feedback will be very limited, with very small time caped meetings and workshops based around the user availability. We would need to ensure workshops were focused and constructive, making the best use of the limited time we would have with the users.

The Solution

Workshops to engage users, gather feedback and structure the new tool and its functionality

NHS-Solution 1

Workshops to engage users & define requirements

A number of user research workshops were hosted so that we could get an insight into the users that will ultimately be using the software.Using a range of requirements gathering tasks we were able to determine exactly what users wanted. A visual interface, clear navigation, intuitive search features, intelligent form completion and error handling, progress indicators, simple note features, notifications… and thats just to name a few!

NHS-Solution 2

Define user types, roles and design requirements

Through the workshops we were able to form a better understanding of what the tool needed to do. Creating user personas, user stories, task models and initial user journeys based on our discoveries. These would ultimately feed in to initial wireframes and prototypes that could then be tested with users.

NHS-Solution 3

Early wireframes and prototypes to test

Wireframes of key screens and functionality were created and shared frequently with the wider delivery team. These were then developed to create simple click through prototypes that would be used to demonstrate core functionality and provide a testing platform (with remote access) to gather feedback from users. and design patterns were created. With feedback gathered testing / design itteration loops were established to ensure the end result remained focused to the users needs.

The Result

A beautifully simple design solution, tailored to its users and saving consultant's time and money.

NHS-Results 1

Modern, focused and intuitive interface

We created an easy reference, modular based dashboard solutions. Stripping back the many layers of the existing system and focusing on key user journeys and features that the user needed. Lengthy form filling tasks have been optimised include useful tools to simplify completion. Duplication controls give the ability for staff to copy previous entries and a notes feature was also integrated into forms that would allow previous records to be easily referenced when performing new observations.

A visual, quick reference / record dashboard system was used at key journey points. This would allow staff to quickly see important statistics and just as quickly make new recordings. A more visual, clear and simple approach such as this allowed staff to show patients information directly form the tool, building trust and saving any unnecessary duplication of records (printouts).

NHS-Results 2

Introducing Havana!

To compliment the new system, a fresh new brand and brand guidelines were established. Havana - the official name of the tool now portrays trust, confidence and care with a splash of modern shapes and colour.

NHS-Results 3

A patient portal app

Alongside the design of the tool we also worked on a partnering patient portal app. This app adopts the same branding as the main tool but is a public facing view of the Havana system.This app provided transparency and trust between carers and their patients, allowing them a means to access their own medical records/prescriptions and providing a facility for staff to assign tasks to patients to complete in their own time (again saving precious time for staff.

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