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Case Study

A complete digital redesign of Into Film.

Aerian have worked hand in hand with Into Film to deliver their £30m+ four year campaign to bring film into the hearts of the nation’s youth.

Launch project

The Challenge

Into Film needed an industry leading digital learning platform, strategised and delivered within three months


Original and beautiful

Although we knew the product needed to be usable first, we needed it to feel cinematic and a thing of aspirational beauty. We needed to harness the power of film throughout all levels of the product. 


The challenges

  • Complex and disperse users journeys to consolidate 
  • A wide variety of audiences needed catering for (teachers, press, student, film etc)
  • Users need to be able to "dip in", create and consolidate content 
  • The system would need to work seamlessly with multiple existing systems, and eventually replace many

The Into Film real-estate

  • We needed to ensure that our design paradigms could encompass multiple sub brands, campaigns, teams and the potential for change and extension
  • Our design paradigms and global experience language needed to let the content sing, without background noise
  • Those design paradigms needed to be styled and extended through sub brands and third party partners
  • Tight deadline with a 1 year project being delivered in 3 months.

The Solution

We worked incredibly closely with the Into Film team, creating one team with the top talent from both side. We all worked hard, fast and efficiently.


Bold new look & feel

Adhering to and validating our designs against these epics ensured that not only would we create a bold new look and feel for Into Film but that all tasks could be completed with a consistent set of tools and components. Basically, through careful and close partnerships with Into Film and their audiences, we delivered a set of designs that were as confident and aspirational as they were easy to use. 


We made tools and services, not sites and applications

We created consistent, considered tools and components that allows users to perform tasks quickly, intuitively and easily, regardless of their digital literacy and skill level. We carefully thought through the context and situations of our users, and this enables us to design solutions perfect for them.


Film at it's heart

Use of photography was key to this subtle branding task, and we employed full screen imagery and sympathetic colour palettes extensively. This helped the product pop off the page, giving it the same love and excitement as the silver screen - a large part of our remit was to excite the audience.

The Result

The relaunch has been incredibly successful, and finalised as one of the greatest website design of the year.


Award worthy and beautiful

Above all we created a UX and digital brand that is passionate, powerful and exciting. Furthermore, it's been nominated for "greatest website design of the year" despite the project only having a three month turnaround.


Evolution of digital brand

Utilising clean video, audio and imagery was key to the evolution of the digital brand. Our new paradigms help users perform their tasks better than ever, with a exciting brand that exudes cinematic quality.


Capturing imagination

Our work has allowed us to instantly capturing the imagination of visitors, whether they be educators, students or the general public. This closeness to our product has allowed us all to work with the audience to deliver better results than ever.

Aerian delivered the design to brief and beyond. They are a great bunch to work with, really collaborative, and intent on getting the right design for the brand and for the user. They tackle problems head on with creativity and focus. I loved working on this project with them and am chuffed to bits with the result.
Louise Goodspeed UX Lead

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