Join Ubercorn and the Go Jetters team
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Case Study

A one-of-a-kind musical adventure with the Go Jetters

In true Go Jetters style, our heroes are heading on a toe-tapping adventure that spans the globe showcasing the best music mankind has to offer.

From the hip-swinging Latin rhythm of Rio de Janiero to the funky beats of downtown New York, it's up to the kids at home (with the help of Ubercorn) to stop Grandmaster Glitch from ruining music for everyone!

The Challenge

Showcase the power of BBC’s game engine IVOR while maintaining a fun, slick and intuitive gaming experience for 3-6 year olds.

Challenge 1

Pushing boundaries of a new game engine

The BBC were looking to push the boundaries of its IVOR game engine and create an experience that is educational, fun and most of all, feels different from all the other games previously created in IVOR.

Challenge 2

High aspirations and tight deadlines

Let's be frank… this project had some very tight deadlines (and we are the masters of delivering in tight deadlines) but even this was tight for us.

Our total project timeline for this game was around 2 months, and in these 2 months we would have to write, design, animate, develop, test and deliver a project that contained 10 mini games in multiple locations… completely from scratch!

Solution 3

High standard of animation that stays true to the brand

BBC were clear in their aspirations to ensure that this game would heavily feature animated and interactive content.

This meant that any ideas we came up with for games would always have to feature multiple animated aspects (especially characters).

Unfortunately the BBC were not able to supply any animated assets as they were in between producing shows so they would have to be created by our in-house animation team.

The Solution

The solution was simple… create a compelling concept based on the Go Jetters characters and brand, prototype and test the idea with the target audiences then refine the experience and introduce it to the final game.

Solution 1

Rapid proof of concept prototypes

Because we were creating new types of content for the IVOR game engine we had to create rapid prototypes using the engine itself to ensure any ideas were feasible.

We are lucky enough to have direct access to developers working on the IVOR engine and so were were able to run any ideas past this team for plausibility and gather suggestions on how to approach the build of them.

Solution 2

Early thoughts and proposals for sign off

Before investing valuable time in prototyping or development, we presented our game ideas using annotated story boards and scamps to help visualise the final product.

This allowed us to engage with key stakeholders early (including brand) and obtain sign-off efficiently giving us more time during the project to work on functional proof of concepts, visual design and animation.

Challenge 3

Harnessing the power of Spine!

Special attention would have to be paid to every animation and interaction made for this game, resulting in valuable time being used. To accelerate this process we utilised some very helpful tools and features of Spine.

Each model state / pose was rigged up with a skeleton which could be re-skinnned dynamically using javascript. This meant that key poses and movements became re-usable (an idle character states for example) rather than having to create a separate animation for each character.

The Result

Go Jetters Global Grooves - A game we are proud to say has been completely idealised, written, scripted, animated, designed and developed by our in-house team!

Results 1

Aerian and IVOR - a winning team!

With our experience using IVOR we were in a unique position to be able to bend it to our will… creating features never before seen due to our familiarity with the code base and the pushing the boundaries of it's capabilities.

Due to the unique in-house collaboration of our creative and maintenance teams, we could report bugs directly to the team supporting the IVOR game engine as we found them.

Results 2

A game delivery that met every deadline

With our vigorous and sometimes ridiculously dedicated team, we were able to meet every deadline this project threw at us.

Most importantly we were able to deliver a fully functional Go Jetters game ready for the BBC certification team which if missed would have jeopardised the live release of the game.

Result 3

A great IVOR experience!

We are proud to say that not only will the game feature on the CBBC website, but the team behind the commission were so impressed that the game it is going to be available on the popular BBC Playtime Island app.

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