A death-defying doggie dash
with everyone's favourite rascal...

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Case Study

A cross-device HTML5 romp with Beano's best characters

We designed, animated and built each and every element of the game to be on-brand, available to all devices, but most of all, devilishly fun!

Launch project

The Challenge

We wanted to create a game that would capture the imagination, fun and creativity that the Beano brings. Delivering an experience that brings children's favourite characters to life in another rip roaring, side scrolling adventure.

Beano - challenge - young audience

Young audience

Beano's core audience is young people aged 5 - 13. We would need to ensure our game delivered fun, imaginative content that captured players' attention as soon as the game started

Beano - Challenge - Make it fun

Make it fun!

Beano stands by one key principle: to deliver fun and entertaining content to its readers (no matter how daft or crazy). This was a principle we upheld at every stage when creating our game.

Beano - Challenge - Make it beano

Make it Beano!

Come on, it's the Beano, it needs to be naughty, full-blooded mayhem as insane as the comics and TV shows.

The Solution

Gnasher’s Deadly Dash! A game concept that would see one of the most recognised Beano characters running from Sgt Slipper with a string of his favourite sausages pinched from the local butcher!

challenge image 3

Capture imagination

In order to immediately capture the attention of a young audience, we ensured that the game would focus on fun first. We purposely chose a game that is intuitive and can be played by anyone, of any age. 

We simply wanted to transport the gamer to the heart of the game in as few steps as possible.

Beano - Solution - Animation

Character animation

To make the game instantly fun, we added quirky interactions, sound effects and character animations. 

When combined, this helped bring the game to life, immersing the player in the crazy world of Beano.

Beano - Solution - Beano favourites

Featuring all the Beano favourites

You'll probably notice a fair few recognisable faces in the game. We wanted every spare part of the page to tell it's own story - from Walter and his devilish drones, to a gargantuan Octopus (who created that I hear you ask)... there's a story behind every choice we made.

The Result

We are delighted to say that Gnasher's Deadly Dash has now launched on the Beano website. Featuring a range of Beano favourites all lovingly animated by our in-house team, it is already gaining momentum as a Beano 'must play' game.

Beano - Results - launch

Successful launch

With a hard delivery timeline of only 1 month, Aerian and the team at Beano went from brainstorming the initial concept, designing the visuals, animating the characters and creating the game at break-neck speed. Gnasher's Deadly Dash was successfully launched in October 2017 and is only building in popularity.

Beano - Results - responsive

Fully responsive gameplay

All players; no matter what age, ability or device they are using can enjoy Gnasher's Deadly Dash. A simple game mechanic, decorated with a great "Beano" storyline, designed at multiple breakpoints and tested to the max by our in-house testing team made sure we had a game that everyone could play.

Beano - Results - happy

Shiny happy people

Working with the team at Beano, we created a big happy project family where co-operation, straight talking and transparent communication were hallmarks of our approach. This enabled everyone to focus on adding value and created a team of experts, rather than all rounders.

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