Help Emmett stop his sister Edna
from ruining Christmas

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Case Study

Join the adventure as Emmett tries to save Christmas!

in this this first for CBBC, players take on the role of Emmett - Santas most trusted and loyal elf. Emmett has to save Christmas from his villainous sister Edna by completing a range of mini games and bosses as he travels the multiverse sorting Edna's mess. With new dimensions unlocking every week in the countdown to Christmas, this game would really push the boundaries of everything BBCs game engine IVOR had to offer!

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The Challenge

Create what some call the most important game of the year for CBBC - The christmas advent game… no pressue!

Emmett-Challenge 1

A game for a CBBC audience using a younger Cbeebies game engine

We would have to create a game that had all the features expected in a game from an older player but use a game engine (IVOR) that was purposely designed with simple interactions or a younger audience. Common gamification features such as rewards and achievements, lives, and save features would all have to be very carefully considered in order to implement them in this game
Emmett-Challenge 2

Unique and whimsical story to capture imagination

This was a Christmas game… and we wanted to make sure that it kept true to the spirit of Christmas but had an on trend twist.We wanted to keep to the traditions of Christmas, presenting the game like an unfolding story, with an array of characters that players would emotionally connect to and feel responsible for
Emmett-Challenge 3

Competing against established CBBC brands

The branding and visual direction of the game had to be completely unique, using no existing CBBC brands or recognisable characters. Luckily our new game had the power of Christmas. We want the brand to embrace the traditions and spirit of Christmas and sync perfectly with the unfolding story aspirations we had. Something comforting but fun and the brand / Visual direction needed to reflect this.

The Solution

Utilise new features of IVOR to create dynamic / mature game mechanics and establish a look and feel never seen before on CBBC!

Emmett-Solution 1

Using new and existing features in bold new ways

Our Christmas game was going to you all the new features we could to create a more mature gaming experience for players.

Navigating to different games would be achieved using IVORs new Supergrid feature - allowing players to explore Santa's workshop while avoiding hazards as they collect items to unlock new levels.

Helper elves could also be interacted with, providing help to the player or revealing small parts of the wider narrative. In the absence of a lives, IVORS timer feature would create a sense of jepardy for players when playing the mini games.

Emmett-Solution 2

A multi dimensional Christmas game… With Unicorns!

Santa doesn't just deliver to earth… you know that right?

Working closely with our in-house comic writer Paul Goodenough, we created a whimsical story featuring inter-dimensional travel to completely bonkers worlds… That also celebrated Christmas!

Players would help local inhabitants and finally face off against its leader, teaching them the wonders of Christmas. Whether it was the Beastly Blocktopus from Sub Aqua Cracker or Edna's despicably evil PRESENT SMASHER! players would have to beat them all in order to save Christmas!

Emmett-Solution 3

Combining the real world with the digital world

We wanted the artwork to really shout CHRISTMAS in this game - not just the novelty stuff but the real underlying feeling that comes with it. A feeling of family, a feeling of love and care that would simply not be possible with a purely digital approach.

Inspired by Gumball and being brought to life by the magnificent artwork of Mister hope, we worked closely to create the majority of artwork as real water coloured pieces, with animated digital elements overlaid.

This approach really did give it that extra festive feel - like the embrace of and old friend you havent seen for a while!

The Result

Emmet and Edna's Christmas Clash! A festive journey through other dimensions to help save Christmas for everyone!

Emmett-Result 1

Zelda’s Link can take a seat, its Emmets time to shine!

The final game saw a combination of narrative and adventure, featuring our hero Emmett the Elf that would travel dimensions to un-do all his sisters wickedness.

We managed to create a game that mimicked mechanics seen in Zelda and Pokemon - an exploration / mini challenge based game. Navigation was cunningly disguised using a range of south pole zones which integrated gamification through collectables and hazards - with each zone increasing in difficulty when unlocked.

Emmett-Result 2

A game that has something for everyone

Lets face it… it has inter-dimensional travel, elves and Santa, whats not to like? Christmas Clash combined a gripping narrative with a variety of humours payoff rewards.

Don't take our word for it… heres just some of the live comments left on the CBBC site:

"I REALLY love this game !!!"

"I REALLY love this game !!!"
"Merry Xmas every1! I am a huge Christmas fan and this game was the best thing!"

"I love this but Edna is bad… and I mean really bad"
"cool game! The tickling part was pretty hard"

Emmett-Result 3

An amazing brand full of fun animation and mayhem

We are delighted with the look of this game and couldn't be happier with the fend result.

Featuring wonderful original artwork by the ever talented Mister Hope and lovingly crafted narrative by Paul Goodenough this game really does take pride of place.

The team have created an awesome game! Using tools designed for simple games but super boosting it to the next level - packing it full of dynamic features, fun animations and giving it that extra polish that any Christmas game .

This game really does take pride of place and we couldn't be prouder!

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