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Case Study

A CNN Commercial site to showcase opportunities CNN offer partners

The site is to act as a ‘shopfront’ illustrating the whole of CNNIC capability and designed to impress. The functionality needs to draw in the user at every point, and will enhance customer and partner engagement and act as a catalyst for drawing in new business. The goal was to create a vibrant, living breathing site that engages rather than disengages and one which conveys smart and concise messaging throughout.

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The Challenge

Showcase content in a way that keeps target audiences engaged while not distracting from its core purpose of attracting potential corporate partners.

Challenge 1

Creating a vibrant, living and breathing site that engages

The very nature of the content that would be shown on the website meant that there was a danger that the site could become dry or un-inspiring.

Our challenge would be to propose a solution that remained true to the sites core purpose, but injected it with life, making it a site people would be encouraged by and want to discover more.

Challenge 2

Creating a brand that compliments its parent

Similar to World Service, CNN is an internationally recognised brand that needed to be handled with care and respect.

We would need to ensure our branding solution new visual style reflected the already well established parent brand of CNN while remaining true to its own identity.

Challenge 3

Understanding the requirements

We entered the project not having a clear understanding of the goal, objectives and ambition of stakeholders or the intended audience of the website.

Without this knowledge we would not be able to confidently propose solutions.

The Solution

A lot of cutting edge micro interactions and features, content moulded and crafted especially for its audience and a lightweight design to work on any device… Not a big ask!

Solution 1

Bring the site to life with movement and interactivity

To ensure that the site would maintain users interest (no matter what the content) we designed interactive content areas that moved and flowed with the page.

Moving away from more traditional article page approaches, we introduced functional yet fun micro interactions along with pages that flowed and moved with the users actions.

Solution 2

Work together as 1 team with the same goal

To create a brand that would work for this project we hosted a 2 day branding workshop with key personnel who had direct involvement with the core CNN brand.

Working as one team, we were able to highlight key messages the brand should portray and the audiences the brand should talk to. a As one team, we were able to create a core brand and supporting digital brand guidelines.

Solution 3

A discovery phase that saw Aerian take to Paris!

In order to understand the requirements of the project we needed to get all major stakeholders into a room.

Our UX and visual designers flew out to Paris to conduct face to face workshops and interviews with the people behind the website to understand its needs and aspirations.

This in turn allowed us to create detailed user personas and decision trees we could base any wireframing and design decisions around.

The Result

A site that really does deliver the “WOW” factor, no matter where, when or who!

Results 1

A beautiful, fully responsive html5 website

As a result of the project CNN IC now have a fully interactive website presence. featuring content widgets that introduce movement to what would have traditionally been a very static page.

Interactive hover effects that see elements on a page scale, scroll activated animations, responsive menu items and interactive full width video carousels are just some of the components that come together to create a site that even the most senior executive would be impressed with.

Results 2

Successfully delivered, fully AGILE project

With an AGILE delivery approach adopted for this project, senior stakeholders could see real time progress at every key stage.

By treating items such as user feedback, bug discoveries and feature improvements in an AGILE way we were able to accurately estimate effort on an individual task level.

The results of which meant work could be prioritised and an efficient work flow maintained for all parties involved.

Result 3

Flexible online solution to increase marketing reach

Previously CNNIC only has a single, static page to advertise its offering to potential partners.

With the new website they have the ability to reach a whole new audience, presenting them with a wealth of rich content that is accessible on any device, in the most remote locations.

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