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Case Study

CNN Africa View App

We created a stunning app delivering content-rich news to people across the continent, at a data rate that they can control.

The Challenge

Combining CNN and MTN brands, integrating with CNN content distribution network, and delivering content in a performant way over varying mobile data connections and to a plethora of iOS and Android devices.


Mobile data sensitivities

Mobile internet and data charges are a massive issue in various parts of Africa, so we needed to be cognisant of the amount of data our app would consume, and allow users to make informed choices about how they received their news.


Multiple stakeholder requirements

The app had multiple stakeholders, each with their own distinct direction and content strategy. In order for the app to be launched and successful, we needed to offer a considered and well reasoned approach that was consistent while meeting everyone's needs.


Device compatability

The range of mobile devices in use is as diverse as Africa itself. We needed to ensure our app degraded gracefully through many generations of mobile devices while still maintaining the same standards, design paradigms and love that the top devices enjoyed.

The Solution

Creating a stunning UX and visual experience across iOS and Android devices, and building a robust and scalable backend streaming content to users across Africa.


Personalised data control

To deliver the optimum, user-controlled, experience, we allowed users to personalise their interactions with our app. Users can control what content they download and when - delivering high quality video down or text-only news with optimum load times even in places with limited internet connectivity.


A beautiful experience

We worked incredibly hard to ensure that we fulfilled the requirements of all the stakeholder groups, while still creating a user-centred app which was as well considered and easy to use as if we were building it for ourselves.


Targetted device builds

Although we naturally designed for the optimum device coverage, we devoted time, effort and care to creating specific plans for popular, but often older, mobile devices to ensure that the widest possible audience could get the best possible experience.

The Result

Loved, and downloaded, across Africa


Highly popular with clients (4.3 stars)

Despite not being officially marketed yet, the app has already found a substantial and loyal audience who have rated it as 4.3 stars out of five.

Performance & Statistics

Rated 4.3 out of five stars

Downloads prior to official launch and marketing

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