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Case Study

Introducing Clone Ranger! Another fantastically fun html5 Beano game

Designed, Animated and Developed completely in house, we delivered this fun and down right addictive html5 game for Beano to celebrate the new Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed series launch.

Launch project

The Challenge

With Dennis and Gnasher being the heart and soul of everything Beano, we wanted to ensure we got this one just right!

Challenge 1

Simple and fun game mechanic

As with any interactive we create, user experience had to be thought about at every stage.

We would have to ensure that the young audience we were aiming the game at would be able to easily use and understand how to play it.

Challenge 2

Focusing on female characters

Keen to show a diverse range of characters in the Beano universe, we were asked to make the story revolve around one of its female cast.

Ever willing, our research teams were happy to read and watch some of Beanos new material to determine who would be the most appropriate lead for the html5 game would be.

Challenge 3

Art working to the extreme!

Beano said they would like a game that continues the 3d style humour that the Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed TV show delivers to its audience.

Excited at the opportunity to get their hands on some 3D modelling… our design and development teams took to work!

The Solution

Keep the idea simple, but go to town on the interactive and animated elements to deliver the best game experience possible!

Solution 1

A proven game mechanic thats been tested through history… well, the 80s!

Our top writers created a game narative based around the infamous game mechanic of Lemmings!

Players young and old would be tasked with helping some of Beano's most popular characters guide rogue robots back to their home using a variety of comedy upgrades.

Solution 2

Introducing Rubidium von Screwtop…or Rubi for short

Watching Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed, it was clear who our main character was going to be. We wanted to mould our chosen game approach around Rubi von Screwtop - Beano Towns resident tech genius and all round great gal!

Solution 3

Fun with 3D models and animating

To create a finished piece that felt like the live Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed show we decided that this game would be created using skeleton rig animation. This allowed us the ability to take characters seen in the show and custom animate them especially fpr the game.In addition to this, we created custom 3D models to use for our interactive characters, ensuring that they again look and felt like they were straight out of the Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed show.

The Result

Clone Ranger! An all singing, all dancing bespoke Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed html5 game featuring custom animations, sound effects, characters and most importantly a BUNCH OF FUN!

Beano - Results - launch

Always on time!

We are PROUD to say that we successfully delivered the game on time for the launch of the new Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed show. Beano fans all round the globe can now enjoy the fruits of our labour and help to capture the rogue Dennis Bots before the professor finds out that Rubi has been using his machine.

Beano - Results - responsive

Fully responsive html5 gameplay

With custom designs, bespoke builds, original animation and story writing, complex 3D modelling and a brand to go with it we can honestly say that this game has everything a fun html5 web game should. Clone Ranger gives players the opportunity to challenge themselves on 12 levels. With scores saved on their machine, players can return again and again to try and better their previous scores!

Result 3

Watch this space!

With the successful phase 1 launch of Clone Ranger, we are already working on a phase 2. Phase 2 will feature new levels, new robot upgrades, enhanced visuals, screen transitions, more animations and updated saving / level unlocking functionality that really will make this great game even greater! Be sure to keep an eye out for the next release Clone Ranger on the website

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