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Case Study

A scalable, interactive solution

We created a scalable, production ready companion app that pulled interactive TV companion content (quizzes, videos, information) from a myriad of BBC services and seamlessly wove it together in a cool, fun app

The Challenge

The BBC needed cool, fun and engaging content for users to enjoy, before and during their live programmes.


A new user experience

The programmes feed didn't currently allow for much interactivity or cross pollination of content and journeys, so a new user experience and flow through content needed to be created, with an arm-chair ‘lazy engagement' view in mind.


Content from a range of sources

The key challenge for Companion was to deliver content from a diverse range of information sources across the BBC, at a time when the BBC infrastructure was migrating to new systems.


Creating a responsive app

The BBC needed to create a scalable, interactive solution . In order to do this, it needed to deal with a vast array of diverse devices with any number of different content challenges surrounding some of BBC's best loved brands.

The Solution

Delivering interactive content on technology that was in flux, on a massive range of devices, was incredibly tough - but we did it.


Structured agile PM

We were swimming in uncharted territories, with technology changing around us everyday. So we absolutely needed a well structured Agile PM approach to ensure the myriad of BBC services & requirements were prioritised against business needs.


Rigorous QA testing

We worked night and day to identified device failings and incompatibilities across the diverse and complex landscape of Android devices. We even created a solution that allowed Samsung devices to manage their own graphical output (don't ask!)


Putting the client in control

We used Jira extensively to give complete transparency to the BBC in terms of how we spent our time, enabling them to respond quickly and efficiently when issues arose.

The Result

The application was launched successfully on time, in a performant and engaging manner to great acclaim both within the BBC and without.


TV shows aren't late, so we couldn't be

Despite an aggressive launch schedule, and many unforeseen external circumstances, the app was launched successfully, and on time. Celebrations were well earned!


Yay! Users loved it

It user-tested incredibly well with audiences "delighted" and "surprised" by the new companion content they discovered around their favourite shows. Whether it was more information on the Strictly dancers, or quizzes on their favourite game show - they loved it!


The future of Companion

The app was very well received internally and externally. Furthermore, the JS libraries we created to overcome performance issues across Android devices have been used by both ourselves and the BBC on multiple projects.

Users told us that they enjoyed our 'upcoming programme' content so much they watched programmes they then went on to watch the upcoming show, which they wouldn't have otherwise.
BBC audience testing results Project Owner | Editorial lead

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